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Playing my butt off


What a busy week! I did four gigs this week and still managed to work my normal teaching schedule. Just thought I’d drop a quick blog together about the week.

Thursday: Ashlee and I played acoustic at the bank for Business After Hours.

Friday: Ashlee and I played for Celebrate Recovery at Mill Creek

Saturday: 1st Gig - Matt, Ashlee and I played an acoustic gig at Hunter Cattle.
2nd Gig - CMB played at Gnat’s landing.

I slept until 11:00 the next day. I don’t remember the last time I did that. So when you see me sitting in this picture, it’s because it’s my second gig that day…


I’ve been pretty confused about hashtags. I understand them on twitter because it’s a way to post something to a group. When Activision was asking about ideas for the next Call of Duty game, I joined Twitter just so that I could post ideas to the group. Instagram - same story. Post as a group and you can search them later. What I don’t understand is the use of hashtags on Facebook. What’s up with that? I clicked on a hashtag that one of my friends posted and it had nothing to do with their topic. It did have a variety of pictures and themes that people posted to that hashtag but it was also a haven of random people’s postings. There was no way you could search it as far as I could tell.

Could someone explain to me why anyone should ever use hashtags on Facebook? Also, explain to me when I see a hashtag in front of a word in a commercial if that’s supposed to mean that it’s on twitter…. Is that what that means?

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