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On the Road Again

I'm writing this blog from the road. We're heading up I-16 on the way to Atlanta for Ashlee's Teacher of the Year Banquet. The last blog I wrote from the road was the Christmas blog written the way back from Wisconsin.

Anyway, we're on the way to Atlanta to find out the outcome of Ashlee's great honor. Honestly, I personally (and selfishly) hope she doesn't get it. I know that sounds horrible but I don't want to loose my wife for a year. Not only would I be loosing my wife for a year, but I'll also be loosing my accountant. Ashlee's dad said that he'd take over the accounting dept. but I'd still be loosing my wife for a year... and that sucks.

Think about it... I'll be without a wife, Pladd Dot will be without our star accountant, and Sebastian will be without a mom. Say what you will about the other two, but that woman would miss her cat more than anything.

In all honesty, the nomination of being in the top ten is enough for me (and Ashlee). We're honored that she's been selected and I hope that whoever gets picked as Georgia's top teacher is the most deserving. The one disappointment that I have is that this year's Teacher of the Year banquet is at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. Last year it was at the Georgia Aquarium. Looks like we got the short end of the stick.

I'll update the blog once I know the results tonight. Stay tuned!

You know, if you stay in a posh hotel right beside the World Congress Center, you think they'd have free internet access. Nada. Odd–you pay more, you get less.

Nonetheless, I couldn't update the blog last night after the event because there was no internet access and I refused to shell out ten bucks for 30 minutes of airtime.


Everybody actually. Ashlee was chosen as the top ten out of 100,000 teachers in the state. This means that she's in the top .0001%. Unbelievable. She didn't take the top prize as Georgia's top teacher but I think it's quite clear that she's among a select few.

But let's talk about the prizes!

She won an iPad, two tickets to anywhere in the US, an iPod touch, A sight software license from Smart worth $1,200, tons of visa gift cards, and a bunch of other cool stuff that is far too numerous to mention.

WOO HOO!!! I get to keep my wife!


In other news, Jake Hallman is now with us full time on Keyboard. It's added a nice texture to our sound. We've only had one opportunity to rehearse and he's done several shows with us already. I can't wait until we've put several rehearsals together and he's been able to add his flair to our sound. He brings a lot to the table.

Speaking of the band, Matt is back IN FULL SWING and he's playing better than he has in over three years. I think he's been feeling it for a while and his chops sound AMAZING! We're really glad to have him back. He also brings a lot to the table. Not only with his technique, but his singing as well.

On that note, I've got to give Grant a little shout out for the new Heil PR22 microphones we've been using at gigs. They are nice and punchy and I plan to do a shootout between my trusty OM5 and the new Heil PR22.

We've been playing constantly for the past two months and it's been nice. Exhausting but nice... Come see us on May 27th for a great show at Buffalo's!

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