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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope that this holiday finds everyone safe, happy, and thankful for the many blessings. Sorry that I haven't written a blog in a while but Pladd Dot's been wearing me out lately. We've been really busy and I just haven't had time to write a blog. Trust me... I'm VERY THANKFUL for that! Nonetheless, it's a great day of rest and I thought I'd take some time to get caught up with the blog. Things are starting to shape up with the duties of our e-bay store, the warehouse, the shop, and the band instrument program so I'm hoping to have a little more organized schedule this year. We'll see.


Last Friday the band got asked to play the cast and crew wrap party for Extreme Home Makeover. It was a good time. I always thought that Ty was a little taller than he actually is. As it turns out, he always does two build teams at one time. The other crew alternates but he left the next day to fly out to Texas and finish a build there. There's actually another build coming to Augusta so you should hear about it soon enough.

It was a fun night. Ty, Paul, and the crew was there and CMB and Pladd Dot Music was happy to be a part of it. Ashlee always said that she would do anything for Extreme Home Makeover if she ever got the chance. Sadly, she was in Philadelphia at a speech convention so she couldn't do the gig. Since Matt's been out with his back, Frank was there to help out.


I have found what I want for Christmas! Close Quarter Combat with an AR15 featuring Gordan Ramsey. I just don't know how I can make it anymore without this video. Now I'm in no way anti gun. In fact, I own several. But seriously, what guy needs this DVD? It reminds me of all those websites that try to sell this type of junk that always have slogans like "When you're in a tactical situation". I can just imagine the fear mongers sitting around their house imagining all the possible "tactical situations" that could occur when the commie reds take over the country just like in Red Dawn. I like my guns and my Call of Duty, but grow up people...
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