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Back in July I wrote about my affinity with electric cars and being free from the burden of foreign oil. For two years now I've been following an electric car company out of California aptly called Tesla Motors. After visiting the website today I discovered this Gem; the Tesla "S" series. It's designed as a luxury car and it's completely electric. Of course, I would be missing a major point if I didn't say that it's sexy and fast. The "S" series goes 300 miles on a single charge. It's got a spacious interior large enough to seat 7, it goes 125mph, and it gets a full charge for five bucks. Did you read that oil barons? FIVE BUCKS! The other cool thing about this car is that it's a LUXURY car for about $49,000. If you compare it to the BMW M6 coupe in the same class, it's 50,000 less. That's not too shabby. Now before you nay-sayers get all bent out of shape and write some ridiculous comment... remember that this is designed as a LUXURY car and not designed to compete in the same market as the Nissan Leaf. Tesla Motors plans to release a more affordable electric car in the near future.

This is another large step in the right direction. I predict that we will see the move to electric cars in less than 10 years. I'm sure the oil companies will start investing in electric technology and charging stations, ensuring their way to cash in...


Everybody that knows me is aware that Halloween is my favorite time of year (second only to Christmas). Last weekend when I was in Bi-Lo I saw this magazine on the shelves. That's when my eyes started glowing, my smile grew wider, and my hand reached out and pointed to this wonderful, gorgeous, BEAUTIFUL publication adorned in orange and black! Whenever I see those colors in pharmacies or storefronts, it can only mean one thing... Halloween is around the corner!

This year's Pladdoween party is going to be awesome. I'm going over to a costume and prop shop in pooler and I'm stocking up. I've got more great decorations for the store windows and there will be even more to come. I just love the entire season. I love the costumes, props, decorating, and everything that goes along with it. Last year I even wrote four Halloween songs because I feel like there just aren't enough out there. I'll post them on the website in the near future.

This brings me to my final point. This year I'm celebrating nine days of Halloween. Of course I'll love the entire season, but I'm actually going to be involved with nine events this year to relish the holiday. Here they are:

1. Pladdoween party (annual Pladd Dot Employee party...costumes are a MUST)
2. Haunted Forest (local haunted forest)
3. Pumpkin Carvin' at Matt's (an annual tradition...carvin' pumpkins with the Mattster)
4. Prop Shop (shopping for the costumes and props)
5. Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta (one of the major ones in the U.S.)
6. Pladdoween Recital (students performing in their costumes)
7. Scare on the Square (Halloween time fun in downtown Statesboro)
8. Scary Movie Night (party with friends watching a scary movie)
9. Halloween (you know the gig...give out candy to kids...and scare a few along the way!)

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