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Dad June 8th, 1939 - July 4th 2011

Dad passed away on Monday, July 4th, 2011. Dad lived an interesting life. Although he suffered from bi-polar disorder, he managed to overcome many of the obstacles that plagued him. My sister once made the observation that the term "Manic Depression" was a much better description of the illness. I have to agree with her. For those of you who have faced the illness first hand, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I could write of countless stories about what it was like being the youngest son of Jimmie Mitchell, but instead I'll just let you read the lyrics to the song "Twin Sons" that I wrote about him.

You know bein' a cowboy just isn't easy
and bein' a hero is no luxury.
Fightin' off bad guys sometimes from within you
can bring your heart to it's knees.
But you can't hide the good that I see.

In times that you walked the earth keeping the law up
all the world's truth seemed black and white.
I dreamed in color but truth never changed us;
we fought the same battles inside.
'Cause truth is the daughter of time.

As older we get our dreams shape us and mold us.
We strive to fight wars from a long time ago.
Wearing our masks with our clothes of white linen
and silver horses of old
as if costumes resembled our souls

For so long I knew you and never could answer
why I was born to the dry sands and thorns.
Tryin' so hard to fly into heaven...
And never by my mind upon home
You left but were never gone.

So you get your horse up and I'll ride my dewback.
We'll watch the suns set in a tatooine sky.
We'll ride together through sands of the desert.
I won't let your dream die.
No, I won't let your dream die.

You can also hear the song

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