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Going Greener

It's no secret that I'm a big proponent of alternative energy. Last year I went greener with my truck and started burning Ethanol. It made me about 85% less dependent on oil. The cool thing about my truck's source of Ethanol is that it's completely renewable. It doesn't come from a food source (like corn for food). Currently, scientists are even working on ways to use prairie grass, corn husks, and even cellulose. All plants make cellulose so it would offer a completely renewable source of energy to make ethanol. Henry Ford believed that the Ethanol was the fuel of the future.

That being said, Ashlee has been going greener with her car as well. Last year she got a Smart car and it gets about 40 mpg in town and 50 mpg hwy miles. That was a big step. Compared to the Accord, that's a 30% increase in fuel efficiency. This means that she'll use 30% less fuel this year than she did last year. That's like gas costing $1.73 a gallon. Not bad.

This week, we made an even bigger stride. We bought a Prius. The Prius gets 52 mpg in town and 62 mpg hwy miles. Compared to the Accord, she's getting 47% more fuel efficiency. That's like gas costing $1.21 a gallon. Not bad at all.

For those interested, the Discovery channel is doing an awesome series right now called Powering the Future. Really neat stuff out there. Check it out if you get the time.

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